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Ready Mixed Concrete, Cement, Aggregate, Construction Technologies & Equipment Exhibition

The solutions formed by the concrete sector attribute functionality and meaning to all players in the sector and form the symbol of daily life comfort and safety work.
The advanced level of Turkish representatives of superstructure sector, providing a trouble free modern life with all its products and services, are competing with all the global brands both in Turkish and export markets.

Being the unique event in its’ subject in the region, Beton İstanbul 2024 will bring together one more time the whole vehicle, machine, equipment used in ready mixed concrete, aggregate and building sectors and raw material manufacturers, with the end users.
Providing the purchasing and looking over to the all requirements and innovations of the sector, Beton İstanbul 2024 will present the close contact opportunity for the last technologic improvements in ready mixed concrete, aggregate and building sectors.
Turkey is in the first rank in Europe, with its approximately 80 million m³ ready mixed concrete production in the year and with the number of producers, Turkey is also on the top rank with its 300 million ton aggregate production in the year and with its world leading cement production.
Do not miss that big opportunity!

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